I have seven years of design and construction management experience with Engineers Without Borders partnering with resource scarce communities. I have over six months of experience in construction working with a general contractor. I am currently serving as a volunteer Construction Crew Leader with Habitat for Humanity. I also have two years of experience as a mechanical engineer solving multi-disciplinary design problems and managing conflicting stakeholder interests. During my time as a mechanical engineer I also served as the safety supervisor, leading safety training, creating health and safety plans and emergency response plans.


In the first year of my Ph.D. program, I have been enhancing my mentoring and teaching skills. I have been tutoring students in their coursework, study habits, and interview skills. As a teaching assistant, I have been listening for what concepts students have been struggling with and trying different methods to help them; i.e. I designed and led participatory workshops and lectures where I helped more than 40 students work through collaborative teaching 2examples to approach problems using alternative methods.

I have also been working on investigative research and am currently recruiting an undergraduate mentee. I found that I love inspiring confidence in students, and hope to lead more classes before I graduate. I have been mentoring an Engineers Without Borders team, using my research and experience to guide them in making a risk adverse sustainable design that we will implement this summer in Rwanda. I have also been awarded an internship in Uganda this summer, managing bridge construction in the development setting, which I will use in my teaching and research.

My experiences working with developing communities, in particular encountering a string of unforeseen risk events in Bolivia, inspired me to pursue a Ph.D. and facilitate research that will aid in the understanding and mitigation of risk for infrastructure projects in developing countries.